JPAContainer 3.0 incompatible with vaadin 7.1

it looks like we have a compatibility problem betwen jpacontainer and vaadin 7.1.
I’m trying to use the SingleSelectConvertor from the jpacontainer 3.x and I’m getting the following exception:

Caused by: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: 
	at com.vaadin.ui.AbstractField.convertToModel(

When I have a look at the method signature for SingleSelectConverter I see:

 public T convertToModel(Object value, Locale locale)
            throws {

Where as the Converter class in vaadin 7.1 has a signature of

 public MODEL convertToModel(PRESENTATION value,
            Class<? extends MODEL> targetType, Locale locale)
            throws ConversionException;

Note that vaadin 7.1 contains an extra parameter ‘targetType’ hence the exception been thrown.

My Mavan dependencies are:




Is it me or vaadin?

this thread
- you need to wait for JPAContainer 3.1.0 or build JPAContainer from the sources for Vaadin 7.1 compatibility.

I think JPACOnatiner 3.x is the problem. I can use JPAContainer 2.x.x with Vaadin 6.x.x correctly but not with Vaadin 7 and JPAContainer 3.1 i can’t use.

I have
this problem
and I haven’t yet found the solution

Have read few bits of vaadin and jpacontainer demo-tutorial, my understanding is that jpacontainer 3.1 is based
on jpa 2.0 not jpa 2.1(?). If yes, any hope in the near future to have it include functionalities of jpa 2.1;
stored procedures are of interest.


There is no support in JPAContainer itself for JPA 2.1, but as far as I know it shouldn’t be incompatible with JPA 2.1 either so you should be able to use JPA 2.1 features separately from JPAContainer.