JMS Message Drive Bean and Vaadin

I’m curious if it makes sense to use MDBs within Vaadin to integrate it with Push.
Just wondering what the scope is of a MDB. Does it have access to the Vaadin UI or is it application level?
I guess alternatively I’d add a bean to the UI that checks periodically for JMS messages and update the UI accordingly.



I also tried to implement something similar couple of weeks ago. The probem is that Java EE stack is kind of designed so that EJB:s shouldn’t access stuff that lives in http sessions, but vica versa. In case somebody comes up with a decent solution like that, I’d be happy to hear about that too.

Instead of MDB, I decided to use JMS client per user for user to user communication. I created a
small helper
for that too.
Simple chat app
was my prototype.


Ok yeah that’s what I was thinking. I guess MDBs for standalone application level service objects and per-user-JMS for anything session related. Thanks for the reply for the pointer to your helper addon. Firebase + Vaadin push is another alternative.