Java script in client-server application

Hi, I have a question concerning Javascript in a client-side application. I have read about specific components on client side in Vaadin based on GWT and as far I understand that mixing the client side and client-server one is impossible. For example I want to alter svg image on client side but the application is written with client-server side and I didn’t find out any solution. The idea is to transform svg on the server side is not good enough because the time of response is very low and much traffic. I need to have the some functionality as zoom in, zoom out, translation, attribute settings. Has someone any ideas or expirience in the same tasks? I will appreciate any help


Mixing server and client dev is possible. That’s obviously what some add-ons are just doing by wrapping some js component.
A good start would be the offical documentation, for simple js integration :

Other simple sample :

You could also find some interest in the D3.js-wrapper component :!addon/freecode-charts-and-d3-wrapper