Java EE Online EU June 9th-10th 2016

Vaadin Framework & Java EE
is 2 days course where you can learn how to make use of Java EE in your Vaadin web applications.

What you will learn

The focus of the training is on learning the basics of JavaEE and how to use it in your Vaadin application.

The training is held as a workshop with lectures, demos and hands-on exercises. The focus of the training is on exercises and giving individual feedback and tips on completing each assignment.

  • Introduction to Java EE
  • Using CDI with Vaadin
  • MVP and CDI
  • Using EJBs in the backend
  • Integrating with database using JPA in Vaadin applications
  • Bean validation
  • Integrating with security (JAAS and Shiro)
  • Packaging Vaadin applications

Now we offer the course online only 800€ - so you should definetly check out the content specs at