Ivy/Vaadin just not working. Please help.

I am a complete newbie to both Ivy and Vaadin, but not to Eclipse and Java. I’ve done my best to follow the instructions laid out in The Book of Vaadin to get everything downloaded and installed. However, I am running into several problems and need help getting out of them. First, my setup: Mac Pro running Mavericks, Eclipse Luna SR1 (4.4.1), Apache Ivy 2.5.0.alpha, Apache Ivy Ant Tasks 2.5.0.alpha, Apache IvyDE 2.2.0.beta1, and finally, Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse 2.3.0.

After installing all of the plugins by following the instructions in The Book of Vaadin step-by-step, I reach the point of having Eclipse check for updates. Fine, I’ve done this dozens of times before, but now that Ivy & Vaadin are installed, this update process takes a good 10–15 minutes, when it has historically only taken one or two minutes, at most. Nevertheless, being patient, I let it run through its updating process and it updates Ivy from 2.4.0.cr1 to that 2.5.0.alpha I listed above. After restarting, I attempt to create a new Vaadin 7 project.

It appears to create the project, yet the “New Vaadin 7 Project” window remains on screen, when such a window typically disappears after a successful creation of a project. In addition, the project has many red errors in it—all of the Vaadin imports and references in the .java file are marked as errors. It’s as though it just isn’t getting the Vaadin libraries when it creates the new project. But, hey, it could be something else; I’m just speculating.

Can anyone please help this complete Vaadin newbie just get the stuff installed so I can follow along in The Book of Vaadin to learn it?

Hi, I have one hint, stay away from IVY :slight_smile: You could use some smarter build systems and then you don’t necessarely need our Eclipse plugin at all. Even better, you might actually use
another IDE

Seriosly, although my suggestion is dead serious, the IVYde-Eclipse WTP-Vaadin plugin combo should work fine as well. I’m haven’t lately used the plugin, so I hope someone from our development department could comment those issues.

So, if Ivy is not recommended, then why is it in
The Book of Vaadin
? Perhaps it just hasn’t been updated yet with a newer procedure? Regardless, if there is another, more preferable, method for using Vaadin with Eclipse, I’m all ears. Just give me a nice step-by-step procedure and I’ll do the best I can to get it installed. I can all but guarantee you, however, that I will not be switching IDEs at this point. Thanks for the reply, though! :~)

Oh, and if it helps, here’s a screenshot of how this newly-created project looks in Eclipse after using the Create New Project wizard:

As for me the preffered way is to use Maven + Eclipse https://vaadin.com/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Creating+an+Eclipse+Project

I’ll look into trying it that way, thanks @Anatoly.

When you will create new maven project you can meet the following https://vaadin.com/forum#!/thread/8552631/8570835 So add simply the vaadin-archetype-application archetype.

Thanks, @Anatoly. I hope this will work for me. Being completely new to Maven, however, I am unfamiliar with things that it is asking me for, such as Group Id and Artifact Id. I think I understand Version and Package, though. Could you please point me in the right direction for understanding these terms in Maven?

Hope the following resources will be helpful

Thanks again, @Anatoly. Your link was somewhat helpful, but I found their
Guide to Naming Conventions
much more informative. At any rate, it seems like Vaadin might finally be installed, so I’ll give it a run through and see if it’s working for me now.