ItemGrid - components not visible, when empty

I downloaded
ItemGrid add-on
and added labels as components. It looks as desired, when labels are not empty, but not nice, when empty text is set to labels (see attachments). I’ve tried to set height to 100% for labels and size full for item grid, but it has no effect.

Thanks for using my add-on!

Took me a while to manage some free time, but just uploaded version 0.2.1, which has a workaround for this bug.
It can be solved with CSS in version 0.2.0 by setting height and min-height of item grid cell, html and body elements to 100%. Version 0.2.1 allows ItemComponentGenerator to return null, which will be replaced by a non-empty label. Finally, instead of using Label, use NonEmptyLabel - it will make sure that there is at least one character to be rendered in the browser (currently it is zero-width space, U+200A).

Plans for version 0.3 assume I will find a pure client-side solution and all that workarounds will not be needed.