Is there a way for TabSheet to display tabs at the bottom

I’m trying to display my tabitems below the tabcontent instead of above and cannot seem to find a way to achieve this. Any help is appreciated!


There used to be an addon for this in Vaadin 6, but that doesn’t seem to be up to date anymore:!addon/detachedtabs

One way to accomplish this is to write your own “TabSheet” that extends HorizontalLayout and maps buttons to Components that get shown in a layout that you select. In pseudocode:

CssLayout contentLayout = new CssLayout();
TabSelector selector = new TabSelector();
selector.addTab(“Tab1”, component1);
selector.addTab(“Tab2”, component2); //internally you need to create a button and map it’s click to showing the right component in the layout

setContent(new VerticalLayout(contentLayout, selector));
[/code]Of course this will still require you to do all styling yourself, but hopefully it’ll get you started.