Is it possible to make a restfull web app with Vaadin only? (no backend)

Hi everyone. Im a newbie in Java and web dev in general but have a lot of IT background. I decided to learn web programming, Im learning pure java and have gone through the Vaadin tutorial.
Now Im trying to make a ticket system for my department and learn Java, Vaadin and other technologies on this project. The question is: is it a right way to learn web dev jumping to framework at first (no applets, get-post stuff and so on)? So for example I cannot understand some basic things and struggle to answer to questions like "How should I use DB? Is it a good idea to make queries directly or are there some frameworks for this purpose? Am I using objects correctly or I have to/must/should use Spring MVC model or smth? Can I build my app only using Vaadin or should/must/have to be some backend?" So as I said above I have no background in web dev so I probably lack of understanting of some basic concepts... But Im just trying to learn new stuff on a project not from books only. So now I have a real project and a loooot of principal questions.
I`ll be most apreciating if somebody could clear the thing up a bit for me.
Sorry if it sounds like a mess and a stream of councisness… Thanks

Hi Konstantin,

If you are new to Java and web development, Vaadin Framework is an excellent option (see
). I would suggest you go through all of the following tutorials to get a wider view of the options regarding database engines and frameworks (they are short and will give you some hands-on experience):

After doing these, you’ll be in a better position to decide which framework to use (yes, I’m implying you should use a persistence framework).

I would ignore Spring or Java EE at the beginning. You can actually implement good web applications without using them. However, I would strongly suggest you try at least one of them. You can take a look at the following blog post as a starting point:

Have a look at those and post here any questions you have :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

Alejandro, thank you very much!
Its exactly what I was looking for. I lack of understanding of architecture and all those frameworks. Ive lost. And now you gave me exactly that I needed. I`ll go through all those tutorials.
Thank you!