Is it possible for a Vaadin app to proxy another Vaadin app's ui

Hi, I’m in the process of building a set of microservices that are fronted by a lightweight vaadin based portal-style UI. One ‘antipattern’ if you will with this approach is that you have all these lightweight microservices, but then a big monolithic UI. With more traditional HTML based UI’s I’ve gotten around this by having the microservices themselves have an option to emit HTML/JS ‘snipppets’ that then get mashed up on the enclosing app page. It can be tricky but works fairly well.

I’m trying to think of ways that this might work in a Vaadin app. The only one I can think of is using a BrowserFrame, but that of course is just wrapping an entire external page/app


I’d say

I publish a blog post with some thoughts related to this topic: