Internet Explorer starts chrome.exe


Why is it that Chrome.exe is opened when I am browsing a Vaadin application with Internet Explorer? This does not happen when using the same application with Firefox.

Also, I am using a custom theme (with just some additions to default reindeer theme) but I do not native buttons, selects, etc. when using IE and Chrome, only in Firefox. Can anyone figure out why? Please specifiy what code you need see.


Are you sure this has anything to do with Vaadin? It seems to me more like an issue with your Internet Explorer.
A Vaadin App generally isn’t able to start programs on your local Computer.

Maybe you are running Google Chrome Frame in IE?!/thread/136935

Have you made any page header modifications?

Vesa: you are absolutely right! My company have packaged and installed Internet Explorer with the Google Chrome Frame add-on.

This also explains my second questions. Disabling the add-on in IE made the look-and-feel revert back to normal IE.

Thanks for clarifying this!

Best regards