interactive Map


I need a interactive country map, in which a mouse over Event highlighting the countries. Also a add Click Events to countries and add marks must be possible.

How can i realize that, without use the google Maps Add-on?


have you looked at the
OpenLayers 3


is there any other solution? like

Is it possible to use any Javascript Framework in combination with Vaadin?


There’s also the
add-on at least. Integrating JavaScript libraries is completely doable, but you’ll of course save a lot of implementation effort if you use an existing add-on.


How to integrate java script libraries in Vaadin? All .js Files in /WebContent and import this with @JavaScript annotation?

Is there any possibility for a simple solution like

Some links to get you started:

Vaadin Wiki: Integrating a JavaScript Component

Book of Vaadin: JavaScript interaction

Book of Vaadin: Client-Side Development

Personally, I find it’s really informative just go through some existing add-on in the
. You can get started quickly by poking around in the sources and testing changes to something existing. For example, Johannes T’s
addon is a fairly simple one that integrates an existing javascript library.

Good luck!