IntelliJ IDEA setup

I am a newcomer to Vaadin and will have an attempt to replace some old PHP-sites with a Vaadin-based web application. I wanted to use my favorite Java IDE, but did not find much information on how to setup a project in IntelliJ IDEA. And since switching back to Eclipse is not an option, I had to figure it out myself

I managed to get a simple HelloWorld application running, and will describe here the steps I took so other newbies like me won’t have to figure it out them self.

Since I am quite new to creating Java-based web applications, feel free to suggest improvements on my project setup.

  1. Download the Vaadin JAR
  2. If not already done, install a Tomcat server
  3. Start IntelliJ and create new project from scratch ( all steps below are performed with IntelliJ 9 )
  4. Type of project is Java Module and as desired technology you select Web Application. This will create the web folder, including the WEB-INF dir and a web.xml file
  5. Create a web/WEB-INF/lib folder and place the Vaadin JAR into that folder
  6. Goto Project Structure | Modules and let your module depend on the Vaadin JAR. Mark it as export
  7. Create a HelloWorld class and adjust your web.xml file, as described in the book of Vaadin
  8. To run/debug, create a new “Tomcat Server” configuration. If not yet present, configure a Tomcat server by providing the link to the installation dir of your Tomcat server

This should do it (at least, it was sufficient for me)

Thanks a lot. Worked for me as well, at least in debug mode. Haven’t tried deployment.

thank you! that info’s helped me a lot!

JetBrains just released plugin for IntelliJ IDEA to support Vaadin:

Take a look.

Although the pasted link works I can’t fetch the plugin since it doesn’t show up in the plugins-section of intellij (I’m using version 10.x). Is it still available or was it removed? Any ideas what might be wrong (I’ve tried to reload the plugins-dictionary several times - tried with and without proxy - I just can’t download it)?

I have both 10.5.2 and 11.x and 11.x is the only one that works with it. In 10.5.2, even if I manually create a Vaadin folder containing a lib folder and then the jar in the lib folder, Intellij flags it as not a valid version. In 11.x, I am able to use it. Actually, plugin support in 11x is vastly superior to 10.5.x. In 11x, you can specify where to look for plugins and can look for downloaded plugins. Sorry my friend but it looks like you need to upgrade IntelliJ.

OK, I have IDEA EAP Nika.1 IU-116.32 installed her and copied the expanded into the appropriate folder of my MAC - just aside the other plugins.

Now I can see “Vaadin Support” in the Plugins tab. But it is marked red and the tooltip says that it is incompatible with the current installation of IDEA.

Using IDEA 11.0.2 on the same configuration does not flag the plugin as incompatible.

Is there something I could configure to let the EAP Version run with the plugin?

thanks for your hints!


Maybe you want to post the question to
to ensure that the author knows about the issue.

Could you help me
How in IDEA can I run vaadin visual editor?

I try:

  1. new → vaadin custom component

I can’t find how to run visual editor(

Update on this old thread, as of 2017-04 using IntelliJ 2017.1 with Vaadin 8…

See my recent thread:!/thread/15360111

The upshot:

  • The plugin for Vaadin bundled with IntelliJ seems to be not working. Also seems to be outmoded as the Vaadin team moves to a pure Maven approach.
  • Creating a new project using a Maven archetype within IntelliJ creates a use POM file that is nearly empty. No go.
  • Instead, install and use Maven at the command-line to create a new project. Then import into IntelliJ.