Image Viewer with Zoom, Pan and Rotate


I am just starting to develop a new application with vaadin and I am looking for some component, which has the features as describes in the subject of this post.
Just like this tool does:
In addition it would be good to have navigation to next/previous image.

I googled my a… of already and I would be very thankful if you could give me advice!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chris,

Magic Touch can do most of what you need:

  • Zoom
  • Pan

When you say rotate, do you mean as 360 spin effect or a slideshow effect from one image to the next?

Click the full screen button and you’ll see that it has thumbnails of alternative images.

Magictouch looks nice.

No. I do not need 360° 3d like rotation. I just need pure 2d rotation in 90° steps. Sometimes a landscape image is stored as portrait so the user should be able to rotate it 90° to see it in the right orientataion.


90 degree rotation needs to be applied to the image either before you upload it or on the server.

… which is no problem at all with JAI :-). Would be great to have some “hook” to apply appropriate buttons in the viewe UI for this.
What I have found in addition:
Would be good to have a wrapper component/widget in vaadin for one of those. Is there one for magic touch?


There isn’t a Vaadin addon for Magic Touch but we might be able to build one for you. We are investigating the process.

In the meantime, if you send us a login to your Vaadin site via our form here:

then we will investigate how simple it would be to manually integrate Magic Touch. It’s usually quite easy.

Magic Toolbox


I really need a vaadin component that provides me with this functionality.

However. I want a self contained component, I want to host my image and not depend on any third party server to have the zoom working.

Please provide a ETA if you think you can build it and how much would you charge for it.
Thank you.

Anything on this in a meantime? :slight_smile:

You could also contact Vaadin Sales for custom development: