[I Made This] Video sharing website 4drums.media (idea of my 13y son)

Hi, as a pet project, my son and I are working together on 4drums.media, a website to share drum videos that can be grouped into tutorials.

It’s built with Vaadin (of course :wink:), Spring Boot, Authentication, YouTube and Vimeo API, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Mailersend, English-Dutch translations, etc. A nice project to keep my Java skills up to date and experiment… My son is the Project Manager, so that means he has a 100-bullet list of additional stuff he wants me to add :boom:.

Feel free to join (we will not spam you!!!) and upload your own drum videos or other videos that should be listed on it.

Thanks, Frank

PS: I shared this site before on the Discord channel, but yesterday I talked to Sami Ekblad at the BeJUG and he asked me to share it again here.


Thank Frank! This is a really nice app, and it would be great to promote it more.

It also serves as a counterexample to our own message that you shouldn’t build websites with Vaadin. Well, here’s how you can effectively create websites using Vaadin and Java. :slight_smile:


“here’s how you can effectively create websites using Vaadin and Java” → that was exactly my idea ;-)

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Nice! What were your biggest challenges in building?

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Free time and coping with the demands of my Project Manager with way too many wild ideas… ;-)

Besides that, I needed to find out how to use the Vimeo and YouTube APIs, as I hadn’t used them before. Using Vaadin translations was also new to me, but got it working very easily.

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Great stuff, @frank.63! One of the funniest and smartest ways to spend quality time with your son, really :)!

Do you use some kind of scraping mechanism to find and share videos automatically, or do you manually add links to drum videos that you like?

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Thanks @czuczor ! We don’t scrape, but invite anyone to add videos they like. They need to be approved by my son before they appear on the site. Feel free to try it out!

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@frank.63 Nice App with tough Boss…
But I wish to thank you for sharing for other reason, I was checking how google indexed your website (site:https://4drums.media/) - and it’s perfect.

@Sami - There is not reason not to build websites with vaadin.

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