I made this - Share what you have built!

I saw there are many cool apps, add-ons, components and prototypes people shared in “I made this” Discord channel. Do you think we should have similar channel here also?

In the meantime, just share them here in General with a tag.


I liked to see what people have done with Vaadin.

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Related: I found that you can find some of the public Vaadin applications using Wappalyzer. Any ideas how valid source this is?



I use Vaadin Usage Statistics, and it has good results.
It also has a plugin.


I have made a video streaming application using Vaadin, connecting multiple open datasources.
While the application is hosted on a free cloud provider with 0.1 CPU credit and 512MB RAM, it is slow.
Mostly on the homescreen, because I added a “Recently Watched” section, which uses multiple back and forth between client and server to generate the layout.
But you can have a look and try it out

Link: https://homeflix.onrender.com/


Tip for decent “free tier hosting”: Oracle Cloud. They offer quite a lot of memory especially for ARM based nodes for free and based on what I tested, quite good performance overall. “Developer experience” not necessary the best though if you are not a system administrator. Too many configuration options for my taste :grimacing: I think the easiest was to push a container image to e.g. Docker Hub and deploy via that, but I think I spent an hour to figure out how to open a public port for the node…


Also the Database is always free!

Fly.io is very nice, with a free plan. I created an application that allows people to deploy my Vaadin-created apps to their own (free) subscription. This just runs their CLI on the the behalf of the user so they can create, restart, update, destroy their apps. See jflamy/fly-owlcms for the source, and owlcms-cloud.fly.dev for the running app. Each free subscription can run two apps and a postgres database for free, so I don’t have to manage billing for the users of my app. And if you need more than the free plan, anything under 5$ is not billed, and that’s plenty for simple things


Nice, thanks for sharing!

The downside of Fly is that they don’t support sticky sessions. So the app is limited to one instance per region

There is apparently something now that will route the request to the machine that first replied.

I have not used it myself.

Thanks for sharing @jean-francois.lamy
I’ll check it out

Ha, I didn’t notice that. I’ve only used Fly.io for smaller demos, and that was just work in a single instance.

Startup/warmup times could be faster. You can feel that, e.g., in https://idle-demo.fly.dev/. But definitely, getting a https app running without a credit card is a big enabler.