I am not able to extend Application

Hi, I am using Vaadin 7 in Eclipse Juno.

In my Vaadin project I am not able to extend Application class. I also checked in jars it is not available there. Plz help what should I do?


you’re right. Vaadin 7 doesn’t have an Application class, that belongs to Vaadin 6. In Vaadin 7 you usually extend the UI class, see
this page
for some first steps.


I am learning through a book “Learning Vaadin” of packt publishing. I have just started learning.

As you have mentioned that Vaadin 7 doesn’t have Application class. But in my book many examples are there by extending Application class. In book Window class has addComponent() method but in my project I dont have that.

Plz suggest me what should I do?

and also let me know what are the changes in Vaadin 7 and 6?

Some of the changes are written down
When using Vaadin 7 i would suggest you learn with the
Book of Vaadin 7
instead (Warning: Some of the examples used in the BoV still use deprecated/old methods).
To get a more detailed look at what is changing have a look at the
Roadmap and Timeline

Hi Marius,

Thanks for these links. These are really helpful. :slight_smile: