Html section without use BrowserFrame


I wish to display a Html page or div in my page. I don"t want to use iframe unless it can be displayed without scrollbars and take the all size of window.
There is also a way to have an embedded vaadin div in a pure html page, but I will loose the advantages of a java application, with vaadinServlet , Spring security etc…
So, there is a way to have the result like image below? Maybe to implement the html section like a part of the theme?




have you looked at the “Embedding UIs in Web Pages” part of the Book of Vaadin?

There’s an example how you can embed a Vaadin application in your HTML without having the content in an iframe (there’s still an invisible iframe required by GWT, but that shouldn’t affect layouting, scrollbars and such).

You can also inject HTML snippets to your application in a Label component (with the proper ContentMode set), sometimes that’s enough.

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Thank you. It’s for sure de solution. Is it working with Spring Boot ? Because in this case Spring is the heart/engine of the application , it’s managing everything and vaadin is only annexed .

Sure. Take a look at this Polymer Spring Boot project by Vaadin’s Marcus H:

That project has nothing to do with server-side Java Vaadin Framework, but you could add a Java Vaadin UI in there and embed that Java UI in the HTML like in that Book of Vaadin example.