How to validate fields without a bean.

One of my frustration with Vaadin 8 was the need to have a bean to use binder, or having to call validate() that was tricky. Moving to V 10/Flow I decided to fins a better way to input few fields without the need to create a specific bean. For example, so I created a DinaBinder that binds fields to a generic map class that can be used like this:

   // 0.Here are few fields
  private TextField email = new TextField();
  private PasswordField password = new PasswordField();
  private Checkbox rememberMe = new Checkbox("Remember me");

    // 1. Create a dynamic binder
    DynaBinder binder = new DynaBinder();
	// 2. Bind some fields to it. The bind method receives a component, optionally an ID and
	// an optional lambda acting on BindingBuilder before binding. Returns the component itself
	// so that it can be added to the form in a single statement
            bb -> {
              bb.asRequired().withValidator(new EmailValidator("Bad email"));
            }), "Email");

    form.addFormItem(binder.bind(password, bb -> {
            }), "Password");
    form.addFormItem(binder.bind(rememberMe), "");
      if (! // binder read() returns a map if and only if data is OK, on error is empty
	  // Access field content directly from fields, otherwise you shall read the returned map (no need to ID field)
	  // but shall anyway cast its keyed values. Reading field is simpler.
	  EndUser user = endUserDAO.findByEmail(email.getValue());


Well, here is the code for whoever wish to use it. (3.53 KB) (765 Bytes)

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