how to unsubscribe

How can I unsubscribe from this forum and delete my profile?

Isn’t it enough to just stop using your account? If you really want to delete your whole profile, reply to this and we’ll deactivate your account.

Please go ahead and deactivate my account. Thank you in advance.

Ok, I’ll deactivate your account.

I dont want to recieve e-mails from vaadin forum but I still want to continue with my account.
So, please unsubscribe me from this forum but do not delete my account.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You receive emails from the forum because you’ve subscribed to forum categories/threads. You can simply unsubscribe from them to stop getting notified of new messages.

I would like to delete my account too.

Thank you very much.

I would also like to delete my account.
Thanks in advance.

Please, also delete my account.

Deactivated your account.

Please, would you delete my account as well?

Thanks in advance!

I just deactivated your account as requested.


I would like to delete completely my account, please.



Deleted completely.

delete my account, please.

Will you arrange to unsubscribe? my account may be kept active.

I just created my account but realized after registration that the login with google account is possible too. Because it’s the same mail address, I can’t give the permission to use the google account.
Therefore i would like to delete my account in order to set my mail address free for the login via google.

Thanks in advance!

Please delete my account also.

Please delete my account. I’ve seen above (!/thread/963539/5395919) that it is possible to not just deactivate the account but to fully delete it. So please
my account.

As a side note, although my account is set to “Don’t send me any e-mails”, I still received one:

Hi Giuseppe, Are you there? We haven't heard anything from you in over a month. Are you ok? My personal opinion is that the “don’t send emails” option should imply that no e-mail whatsoever (except maybe about security breaches) should be sent to that user.

Delete my account and data