How to publish a vaadin project online??

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Im a newbie and this is my first post, sorry if there are gramatical mistakes, im not an english speaker.

First I want to say that vaadin is pretty awesome, i have liked it a lot. I have been working on vaadin for the last 4 weeks and now that i finished my project i tried to publish it on internet on a free server, but I realized that there isn’t an html file. I hope you guys can help me, and maybe tell me what is the way to make my project online. Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: I’m working on netbeans 6.9.

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You need to find a server that supports java servlets, and then deploy the .war (which you should be able to create using something like “export as war”).
Free servlet hosting is hard to come by though, so you might want to consider Google AppEngine, which is descibed in the book:

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If AppEngine does not work out you can try


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Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your information, im going to thy the “Trial Option”.

Hi, im trying to upload my first Vaadin Application, im using as hosting service, but im getting this error:

I would be very grateful for any help you can give me. Thanks a lot.

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You probably want to ask for help in this case since it’s their service.

As a random guess, though: did you upload a war file to deploy the service? If so, given example.war, try adding “/example” onto the end of the URL in your browser.


In Eatj-free plan they have some security rescriction that doesn’t allow even Hello Vaadin to be run at their server.

I also followed this tip at about eatj-free hosting service, but it seems to be old information.

Google app engine works fine with Vaadin, but there is major limitations with image and file handling libraries etc.

For free hosting of Vaadin related demo applications, see
this page
I haven’t checked the pricing of the provider for other kinds of application deployments, though.