How to draw on canvas with 60 FPS?

Hello, everyone. Sorry if the question is stupid, but I really newbie in Vaadin, GWT and Java.
Here is my problem.
I want to develop simple interactive game (like arcanoid). I already have implement menu and different views, and now I need to develop actually game (draw flying ball, some movable platform) and I don’t know how to do this. I need something like canvas where I can draw my graphic each frame.

I have tryed to implement this with
and Timer. But it doesn’t want update graphic itself, but only when user clicks on screen or similar. Also I saw, but I cannot understand how to use it in Vaadin application.

So my question is next: is it possible to draw some graphic each frame with framerate 60 (for example) in any way? If possible, how can I do this?


P.S. I use the Vaadin 7.3.3.


Have you found your answer ? I am trying to achieve something similar to this. Kind in a way to merge Vaadin and video game development …

Would this component help?

That look actually quite fantastic!
However, it’s kind of sad that I am doing this projet as a hobbyist for an Non-Profit Organization. Neither myself nor my organization can afford a Prime Membership of 200$ per month.

Time to learn to do the same thing, but I might choose the Zim.js library … Actually should be an interesting journey, learning to wrap a JS component in a new Vaadin component.

I’ll let you know if I suceed!

The vcf-svg add-on is nowadays free with an Apache 2 license. The Directory page hasn’t been updated yet, but the Apache 2 license is already stated on GitHub:

Ah! that is nice ! … :wink: I’ll try that then!

Oh! … I don’t think it work after all … I get a warning saying that I have to pay for a subscription


Seems weird … it is saying that 2 month ago it was turned free …

Hum, strange, when running in Production mode, I don’t get this warning message … is this normal ?

License check should be disabled in release 1.0.4. For the record, while it should not matter as the new release of the component shouldn’t check it all, the production mode build should not check for a license as it’s a development time license only.

Thank you !

I did change the version to 1.0.4 and everything works wonderfully !