How to disable other checkbox ?

Hi Friends,

I am new in vaadin,I am stuck in an issue.

There is something 12 to 15 checkbox.When i will click a checkbox then i want all checkbox should be disable except which one i have clicked.

Please help me
Thanks in advance,

wtih a single selection mode enabled is a standard way to do this. As expected it will show items as

OptionGroup optiongroup = new OptionGroup("option group");
myselect.setMultiSelect(false); //multi select is disabled by default, so this line is here just to emphasize intentions

Either use an OptionGroup with SingleSelectionMode instead or hold a Collection containing your Checkboxes and register a ValueChangeListener for each one. In that Listener you can iterate over your Collection and disable all other Checkboxes. You must probably set your checkboxes immediate in order to get notified immediately about the ValueChange.

Thanks for the reply…it’s working fine for me.