How to add minimize button to vaadin window

Hi All,
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We want to add minimize button to our vaadin window.
when do “miniminze” that window should minmize and sat on to “task bar” like windows.

Please share if any addons available for the same… we are using vaadin 7.3


You have to place a button with css (e.g. position: absolute and positioning e.g with margin-top, margin-left/right) where the other buttons are and use a minimize icon or so. When the button is clicked set the height to 0 or whatever height you need, so the minimize button (where you now place a maximize icon) is still visible.

Hello everybody,
I have added one add-on for this. You can refer the

Thank You

Hello Abhiram Giri

This is what we are looking out exactl. thanks a lot !
Will update you once we implemented to our application.


Sorry, couldn’t find the add-on. Is there an alternative available right now?

Hi, Due to some issue temporarily i unlinked the addon. Now you can find it.

Hi Abhiram,

The online demo of the add-on is not workin as well as the custom-demo is not compiling.

Unable to use it …