How set up faster redeploy time?

I created project based on Eclipse plugin and would like to set up faster redeploy time after changes? How can I do it?

This is not really a Vaadin issue, but a few suggestions: you can try to use a server that starts and deploys faster (e.g. Jetty or Wildfly) or try a commercial product called JRebel (by ZeroTurnaround) that can eliminate most restarts/redeploys by making more changes on-the-fly.

In maven projects I often remove lots of irrelevant dependencies (theme compiler, dependencies drawn in by “GWT server side” and such) that are not actually needed in most Vaadin apps. That helps in full redeployments a bit.


Maybe there is a way to set the interval with which redeploy happens after changes? I’m using tomcat and ivy.

Start eclipse in debug mode. All changes on css, html, even java files will be replaced without redeploy after clicking “publish”. (except adding/removing methods and changeing final variables)

Like when you are developing and want to see the change?

I avoid Maven and add the required JAR’s manually. With this simple change, hitting the ‘Run’ button and getting a web page while I’m developing is now about 10 times faster than with Maven.

A little more is in this thread:!/thread/8185011

Another +1 for JRebel. Without it, I wouldn’t be using Vaadin or any java UI framework.