How change Table Headers color;


How should i do to change Table Header color?
I know that is creating a theme but i don’t know what in the css?

Thank you!!

CSS style structure is documented
in the book chapter covering Table
, but I would just use
to see the structure and experiment with styling.

.v-table-caption-container {
    color: green;

That should do it.

I have a somehow similar question,
if I have more than one table in the same application and I want to set different styles to different tables.
What should I do??

Thanks =)

You would add a stylename to the table


and then use that in the theme’s stylesheet.

.green-table v-table-caption-container {
    color: green;

.blue-table v-table-caption-container {
    color: blue;

For styling and themes, I would strong suggest the use of Firefox + Firebug to anyalze/develop themes, and you’ll need to get a good grip understand CSS selectors. Of course, you may well have all this, in which case : Carry On!