Hiding hours axis for a calendar


I need to display more than one calendar in a view in a HorizentalLayout. And as the calendars are bonded to each other, I want to display the hours axis only for the first calendar from the left.

Is-it possible ?

In the following image, in red what I want to hide :

Thanks in advance.

I spent some time to look to Vaadin code. My conclusion is that this kind of customization is not expected, and you have to use the calendar ASIS. Extending the code is quite complex because the time bar (Timebar) is an inner class inside com.vaadin.client.ui.calendar.schedule.WeekGrid, and will be expensive to rewrite this client side…

The technique based on the css changes is not enough. Any change in a css class will be applied to all calendars, which is not goo for me because I need to display the time bar for the first one…

For additional info read this post :