Hardcore Vaadin Users in India


I am looking for list of Hardcore Vaadin usage companies (Products and Services companies) in India.

Each of the forum users with inside info of their company pl… add your self this discussion pl.

Our surprise though monster search is resulting in ‘zero’, while though vaadin forum activity we see many developers.

-Offshore Web Excellence

Nope… almost 64 people saw this post… no one replied… does it mean people who viewed my post not from India…

India is #3 country (after Germany and USA) measured by vaadin.com site usage. So there should be quite a few Vaadin users there.

i am from Chennai, India and actively involved in using Vaadin for our Products. It is a recent decision to go with Vaadin and for now we are with 6.8.3 and may not move to 7 soon as the browser compatability is important.

i leave my meail id jeyaraj@yahoo.com here for any specific discussions.

I am from Chennai. Using Vaadin 6.8.3, You can contact me @ my id elavan.karthik@gmail.com for queries.

I’m from Trivandum, and using vaadin !

I am from Chennai using Vaadin 7.1 over the last few months.

I m from Gujarat, India , using vaadin 7.1 over last 2 months…

I am From Pune, working on GWT and Vaadin. We have a hands on expertise on it.

I am from hyderabd, working in Vaadin.

All indian developers of vaadin and GWT are welcome to join
“Vaadin India” Meetup Group.


I am from pune worked almost 2 years on vaadin

Hi , I am from Bangalore using vaadin&.1.10 from the past 10 months . Now i am facing problem to develop one requirement in Vaadin. That is posted in the thread


plz, help me

Hi, I am from Ghaziabad, UP, India. I have been using Vaadin for my projects for almost 3 years now. I am also a Vaadin Certified Developer. You can find my work

I am from Hyderabad,I have been using vaadin for 1 year as portlet in Liferay.

I am from Ahmedabad, India.
We are developing a product wherein we are using Vaadin framework. But the issue we are facing is that all our team members are entry level and it is taking a lot of time in developing UI with Vaadin. Also, we have missed our deadlines twice and the team is struggling to achieve new deadline as well. Can anyone suggest some very good experienced Vaadin developer/developers who can either work full-time or part-time or as a consultant.

Please provide us the required details
For more details please feel free to reach us at +91

Hi, I am from Ghaziabad, UP, India. I have been using Vaadin for my projects for almost 3 years now. I am also a
Vaadin Certified Developer

How can I change the first day of week in the Vaadin calendar widgets, DateField & InlineDateField?