GWT designer on Vaadin comparison page

Recently I had been searching for gwt ui designer. Seems like it was existing as an eclipse plug-in, supporting gwt 2.5 version. Now I can’t find any replacing implementation for it.
There is a comparison page
that says that designer is still available.

I would like to give it a try if it really does exist.


Vaadin Designer is indeed still alive and well, available from
as can be seen in the screenshot. (Basically you just select it when installing the Vaadin plug-in for Eclipse.)

However, Vaadin Designer is specifically for applications using Vaadin Framework - it is NOT related to the deprecated “GWT Designer” in any way, and is not a replacement for it when building “generic” GWT applications. I assume the checkbox on the comparison page refers to the deprecated “GWT Designer”.


Still I wanted to know the real destiny of the “GWT Designer”)

GWT Designer stopped working with GWT 2.7, as can be seen in the
release notes for 2.7.0 RC1.

You can find a
brief discussion on StackOverflow.

(The comparison has been updated to reflect this.)