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Hi all, any news about it?

We tried to add a GridTreeContainer into a GridTree, but on screen does not appear nothing.
After that we tested using a simple Grid with the same container and the data appeared.

I guess GridTree has a problem with Java 7.

I"ve changed the project to use maven instead of Ivy. Now it should work. I’ve created a simple Vaadin project (see the attachment.) You can also refer to github to gridtree-demo project to see more complicated example, shown in the demo page. I’ve changed the code to use Java 7 and now I myself use Java7, so it should not be a problem now.

Remember to compile both theme and widgetset after adding addon. (2.32 KB)

hi dmitrii.
i am already compiling the widgset with java 7.
I wonder if there’s a new version since the last one1.0.3.alpha3. have you create the alpha4 to test it?
which one should i get?

The latest version should be 1.0.3.alpha3. Not much changes there just changed the project tool from Ivy to maven because had some strange problems with Ivy.

So, I will force the maven to update the library again…

Ok, please reply on results, now you should be able to create a very siimple application using the component.
There was some mess with the versions, sorry about that.

We try to use this plugin with JPAContainer, on table with 5 million rows, table try to load all rows (!!!). Why implementation is not lazy? How i can tune it to lazy loading?

It looks like there is a problem in the Container. I’m using getItemIds(), which basically loads all the items. I’ll take a look at it and fix it ASAP.

Hi, is it possible to but a filter in that ? Could be an integration with GridCellFilter addon. I’ve tried but the GridTreeContainer can’t be used, because is expected a Filterable container. What do you thing about a new version with this improvement ?

Thanks a lot

Diogo Lopes, hello.
There are several issues with this addon which I could not come up with any solution, the biggest one is lazy loading from the database. That’s why the addon is marked as experimental. Honestly, I don’t know when I’m gonna return back to it. The addon was not really popular, so it’s not under development for a long time. Sorry about that.
I’ve just published the addon and sources, so it can be used as a foundation for some other work.