Grid with grouping

Grouping in Grid/Table is a pretty standard feature for enterprise applications that enables user to group data by several attributes. For instance, there is grouping grid in Smart GWT

How can I implement something like Grouping Grid in Vaadin? Is there any docs on extending Grid features?

Are there any plans to implement this feature in the framework?


I think what you are looking for exists already, we just do not call it grouping, but hierachical version of Grid. See this Vaadin TreeGrid add-on.!addon/vaadin-treegrid

This component will be integrated to Vaadin 8.1.

In fact, Grid Tree is not a replacement for Grouping because a user cannot group by properties and Grid Tree can show hierarchy only in one column. Also, Grouping Grid works with data rows only, Grouping rows are not part of the data and created dynamically in the component.

See attached screen shot, it is the example of real world Grouping, that is configured using Drag and Drop by a user.

I’ve created Feature Request:

Hope it will be useful for the community and framework team.

This feature is more likely to be implemented in the <vaadin-grid> web component and then have a Java API integration to Vaadin Flow: