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Quickly Diagnose Your Old Vacuum Cleaner

After being used for a certain amount of time, your old vacuum cleaner will eventually start to perform less and less effectively, especially when you don’t perform frequent maintenance on it. In this post, we’ll be guiding you through all the common problems that could happen to your old vacuum and how to deal with them.

Old vacuum won’t turn on

To start with, your old vacuum might not work when you take it out of your garage after a long storage time. This is probably either because of the motor or the switch. Perform simple checks on the switch and motor to make sure that they still receive electricity from your power outlet. Speaking of which, it’s quite silly if you forgot to plug in your power cord.

It’s making loud noises

It is normal for your vacuum cleaner to make noise; even the [How To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner]
( will generate noises while they’re working. But if you notice that the noises are becoming more and more disturbing, you might want to check it out a little bit.

Most noise will come from either the hose or the motor. So make sure you connect the pipes and vacuum heads properly as well as perform frequent maintenance on the motor.

It’s working, but suddenly stops

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Most of the time, the reason that your vacuum cleaner automatically shuts down is because it’s overheated. Just unplug the power cord and wait for half an hour for the motor to cool down. Then reconnect the power and turn your vacuum on to see if it still works. If you’re lucky, your vacuum will be fine. But on a bad day, you might need some help from the professionals.

To prevent this from happening, you shouldn’t work the motor for too long. Give it and yourself a rest after about 30 minutes. You can also check the hardware to make sure that they still function properly. In some cases, a problem with the suction might lead to overheating. That being said, we’ll take a look at the causes for low suction power in the next article.

Low suction power

Having low suction power is quite frustrating while using your vacuum cleaner. These are the most common causes for your vacuum being less effective than normal:

Empty the dust bag/container – Make sure you get rid of all the dust and dirt in the bag/container. Keep in mind that having just a half-full dust tank will significantly reduce your vacuum’s performance.

Clean the filter – You’ll need to have your filter cleaned after a certain amount of time unless you want your motor to be filled with dust. You might also need to change your HEPA filter every once in a while to optimize the airflow.

Check the hose – The hose can easily get blocked because of large debris. Don’t be tempted to suck up everything that’s on the floor. Instead, you should use a broom or mop for this job and then follow with the vacuum cleaner.

Check the connected parts – Also pay attention to the accessory pipes and vacuum heads to make sure they’re properly connected. Any cracks on the pipelines will drastically reduce the suction power of your vacuum.

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Power sources – Sometimes, unstable power sources are responsible for low suction power, although it’s not likely to happen.

Clean the motor - In the worst case, your motor might run into some problem and can’t perform up to par. If this happens, it’s best to let the professionals deal with your problem. Hopefully you will just need a motor cleaning, but you will likely need to repair or replace the vacuum cleaner.

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