Grid Table multi select

if possible
grid table have 4 column 1st column click on the header. i click header in 1st column the sirst column data is checkbox select all aain same click on the header. deselect all on table


I don’t completely understood your question, but maybe what you want is Multi-selection model

Live demo here:

thank you sir

if possible first column check box now display select all row select. manually replace checkbox for status only header column and select “status” select all row

I am not really sure what you mean again, but there is quite limited options to customize it

You can hide the checkbox using CSS

.v-grid-select-all-checkbox > input {
display: none;

and put some content with CSS

.v-grid-select-all-checkbox::before {
content: ‘All’


now i select ‘all’ column header all row automatically check box select?

I do not understand

if i select ‘All’ header column all checkbox select/deselect work or not work?

No, it wont be clickable as I just hided the checkbox

Based on your first question I understood that you wanted to disable that

If you actually do not want to disable the checkbox, then just let it be, do not even consume effort to try to change it, just let it be

my requirement is combobox have 2 option: 1 for: gender, another one category:

i select gender i use multiselectionmodel the table first column header checkbox show. i select header on the table all row select/deselct work fine

another option is category i select only one row select not all row select.

this option not use multiselectionmodel then use this code SelectionMode.SINGLE

the check box column not show