Grid inside Tabsheet


I currently have a problem with a grid inside of a tabsheet. The Grid is on the first tab and setSizeFull() is called.
When the Screen is loaded the grid is not rendered correctly, the columns are only rendered at the beginning of the row and the righthand side of the grid is empty.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


this could indeed be a bug. Could you try opening the debug window and running the analyze layouts feature to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the component layouting. Instructions for that can be found at


Like Teppo said, this seems like a layouting issue. I’m able to reproduce your problem by having the TabSheet’s size undefined. To fix this, you’ll need to define a size for the TabSheet (eg, setSizeFull) and a size for the tabsheet’s parent component (layout) and its parent and so on. Every component with a relative size (e.g. 100%) needs to have a parent with a defined size (relativ or static, so 100% or 100px). A relatively sized component
may not
have a parent with an undefined size, otherwise you’ll encounter rendering problem such as the one you’ve described.

Thank you for you replies, but the issue was way easier than I thought: I did not use the newest version of vaadin. I used the 7.5.5 but with 7.5.7 the issue does not appear.