Grid How to hide the checkbox column of SelectionMode Multi?

I want to emulate the behavior of a table, want that rows be “multi - selected” holding CTRL, I want to remove or simply hide the “selection column” created with the Grid.
Is there a way to achive this?

There is question about this also in StackOverflow, the answer is by styling:

.v-grid-select-all-checkbox { display: none; }

Thanks, I found that post, but css is not my thing, I tried adding

grid.addStyleName("select-all-checkbox { display:none;}"); but doesn’t work
And that post is about removing the checkbox from the HEADER, i want to remove all (header + column)

Ok. Now I got what you are looking for. It requires to create client-side extension. Likely one already exists. It is part of this collection, see TableSelectionExtension!addon/gridextensionpack-add-on

Btw. grid.addStyleName(“select-all-checkbox { display:none;}”); is not the correct way to use CSS rule. Instead you should have added the snipet to your mytheme.scss file which is usually in resources folder (VAADIN/themes), but the one I gave you, just hides the select all checkbox.

Like I said initially, “I want to emulate some behavious of…”, I don’t want to use anything related to Table (because we are migrating to Vaadin 8, where Tables doesn’t exist anymore) and Grid was already stated by the community that “is not a complete solution or the evolution of Tables”, it lacks of many features

And this message from author of that add-on is not encouraging for bussiness
“This extension pack is developed on my spare time as a hobby. Any feature suggestion and issue is considered when I have the time”

Thanks anyway for your interest

PD: sorry if my english is not clear, plus the “spellcheck” doesn’t work on Vaadin forum

Yes, the name of the add-on is a bit missleading, it is not related to Table, it is a Grid add-on. If you are not interested to create dependency on that, you can inspect the source code for the solution.

As you mentioned that you are planning migrating to Vaadin 8, it is good to know that you do not need the styling trick to hide select all check box, but something like the add-on I referenced is needed to get rid of the check box column alltogether.

To this day, I tried everything and that stupid column can’t be hidden. I even tried that addon, which puts the same column there. I can’t even access this column any way to modify it. Why can’t be a “hideMultiSelectColumn()” or smth like that?

Any news about it? I also want to hide the multiselectcolumn.

Philipp Bönisch:
Any news about it? I also want to hide the multiselectcolumn.

I don’t think so, V7 is too old and almost discontinued and this “great feature” is present since v8 and onward

That’s why I asked. I am using Vaadin 8 and I am trying to hide the multiselectcolumn. And I think Krisztián has the same problem. And the link in the last post from Tatu Lund is incomplete.

Hi Philipp,

Check this add-on:

There is module called TableSelectionExtension, that is custom version of MultiSelectionModel, that hides multiselectcolumn.


I’m facing the same problem (Vaadin 8.11.1) now and I have tried to use the add-on according to the sample code:

    SelectGrid<T> grid = new SelectGrid<>();

    TableSelectionModel<T> tableSelect = new TableSelectionModel<>();

But this still results in the grid showing the select column and also it behaves just as if I was using a regular Grid.SelectionMode.MULTI setting for the normal grid and selects elements without CTRL.

Is this really working as intended with 8.11.1?