Grid: How to access rendered Cell value (String) in Java?

For filter and export reasons I need to get the String value for all Cells of a Grid.
Grid.Column knows all to render this String values with ValueProvider and Renderer,
but I do not see any API to get this rendered value (or to render the value) in Java.
I would need something like Grid.Column.getRenderedString(T).
Otherwise I would have to duplicate all the meta information I have created the Grid.Column with.

Thx for any help,


There is no straightforward way to retrieve that information. Also, this would be very difficult to provide as each cell’s displayed value is derived from the ValueProvider, converters, renderers, CSS styles and JavaScript on the page. Even the browser with plugins and the operation system (think installed locales/languages) might influence the rendered value.

You might want to look into to see if you can either utilize it somehow for your purposes or look at the source to see how the exporter accesses its data.

Thanks for the answer but I would only need the String to show in the Grid Cell, not how it looks like in the browser.
So CSS an JavaScript should not be relevant. I know this can not work for ComponentRenderer.
But what about a normal Renderer?
Ok, I fear a Renderer generates JSON, right? So I understand why I can not get the required String value, but for many use cases this is very bad.
E.g. the Grid/Table standard feature “export as CSV/Excel” is not possible without redoubling all the meta information for the Columns (especially Formatters).

As far as I can see, uses only JavaBean getters to get the Cell value. It ignores all Converters and Formatters. In my opinion this is not enough for a real application.