Grid filtering,pagination,exporting,and editing is it available in vaadin ?

Hi all ,
I am new newbie , I would like to ask if vaadin can give me the following features in the grid ?.

  • Pagination and sorting
  • Column filtering ( if the coulmn is integer type so only filtering showing equal to , greater than , less than ,… If the coulmn date type only it will show date after , date before , equal to date . If the coulmn text type , it will show start with , contains , ends with , and equal to ).
    - is it supporting server side filtering ?.
    if it is Yes , how I can retireve the filter query expresion so I ftranslated to sql expression and get the dataset and then return back to grid. ?
  • Exporting to excel. ( it can be full data on the grid or the filtered data to be exported )
  • Grid can have dropdown list as cell value in the row
  • Grid editing option
    - I mean here I can edit the row details for each cell , and click save to update.
    - delete row in the grid wihich ofcourse should be refledted in database.
    - add new row
  • hiding the columns

please help me because I am looking for such grid I can make.


I believe all of your requirements can be met with Vaadin. Some features come standard with the Grid, others can be implemented easily with the help of some
add-ons in the Directory
. Some bits you might need to code yourself, but I don’t immediately see anything too uncommon in there.

Take a look at the
Book of Vaadin for a quick intro to the Grid
, or if you prefer,
watch this video
about the Grid API.

Hope this helps,