Grid Column Resize missing after 7.7.0 Update?

Hello all,

Perhaps there is someone who could advise on the topic above.
I just updated my prototype application from 7.6.4 to 7.7.0 a couple of days ago, and I’ve just noticed that the ability to resize columns in the Grid component is no longer available.
I am not really sure what might have happened with it really.

I am using the ComponentRenderer if that matters!addon/componentrenderer

I would appreciate any advice…
I have tried rebuilding the Widgetsets etc, but yeah…just… cant’ resize (I don’t get the mouse pointer recognition there is a ‘grab’ area at all… just nothing.
I can still reorder columns etc.

Thanks all, hopefully there is some simple explanation that can help bring it back.



I did a quick test with 7.7.0 with a plain Grid; the resize handles appear and work as usual. Can you test without ComponentRenderer, to see if that could be the cause of the problem?

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Hey, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah I’m certain its not a problem with Vaadin 7.7.0 itself… just that something odd is happening with my environment after updating.

I tried to revert my setup back to 7.6.4 to test, and the column seperator ‘drag’ handling is still not showing up…
So I’m really at a loss… not sure why it disappeared on me…

(Other odd stuff too… like the popup for choosing visible columns on the Grid… it is now the width of the screen when it displays… with only the far left being the text to select for the column names… just a 100% window wide poup that is mostly empty space…)

Just updating… If I examine the content of the table header with Developer Tools in my browser, I can see that the Div is certainly present for the resise:


If I compare that to one defined on the Vaadin Sampler… it is exactly the same.

But for some reason My app just isn’t displaying it right (and its not there…)

I’m wondering if updating to 7.7.0 that its somehow has completely messed up my widgets or something.
I’ve had to rebuild them anyway (regenerate widgetset) as part of the update… but I am at a loss as to why normal behaviour for a component is just not present now…

Yeah, it sounds really odd. Good luck, and let us know if you figure it out!


Ok, it is I back again, many months later.
I finally realised what was wrong!

I’d extracted out the Vaadin themes into my application structure, to work with themes and to look at the base scss files.
When I updated, I had neglected to replace these!

Somewhere along the way, a change had obviously been made in those theme files.

After I downloaded and extracted out the new ones and rebuilt the themes, it all worked again.

Good to hear that you found the cause! Yeah, the theme styles get changed every now and then for fixes or to accommodate new features - it’s good to keep them up to date as well as the Java stuff.