Grid and two vaadin components in a cell

How can I put in a grid two components like checkbox and a button in one cell. (Of course with seperate clicklistener for checkBox and button)

Is this possible?


take a look at the
add-on. In your example case, the component to render would be a Layout (probably HorizontalLayout) with a Button and a CheckBox.

Hope this helps,

Alternatively if your use case is to have group of action buttons in one cell (e.g. delete row, etc.) there is specific optimized add-on for that purpose in our directory, which can be found

Depending on application, sometimes it can be more appropriate to use context menu instead.!addon/vaadin-contextmenu

Action buttons are immediatelly visible, but when used extensively add visual clutter and also burden to browser rendering. If performance is becoming an issue, conext menu is way to solve it elegantly.

Thanks it helped