Grid and LazyQueryContainer


We have a database file that contains over 1 million records which we are loading lazily to a Grid using LazyQueryContainer.

I’ve encountered a problem that when using minimal filters and the total record count exceeds 800,000 the Grid loads only one page and no scroll function. Obviously we are actually only loading a small portion of these records.

I’ve read about the 800,000 records limitation of the Table on the browser side. But when we use Table we do not have this issue. The Table seems to recognize that the total record count (LazyQueryContainer.size()) is different than the actual record count being lazily loaded.

Displaying the total record count is a standard in all our applications. We can of improvise of course but I just would like to ask first if I am just missing something with regards to Grid.

Thanks a lot.


There are number of problems that emerges when row count grows that high. If I recall right, Grid has some issues with scroll function and those root from browser etc. So it is generally very challening to handle million rows or so. In cases like yours some other means in UI needs to be used.

I think quite typical case is that UI forces user to apply more filters. I.e. if row count would be too big, instead of showing content, a message is shown to user to apply more filters in order to get subset of data that is more usable. This may not be applicable in all applications.

Another approach could be to page data in some manner. For example there is PagedContainer in the following add on:!addon/gridextensionpack-add-on

Thanks for the tips. As this seems to be a real ‘limitation’ with Grid my colleagues and I will need to agree on standard approach. I’ll have a look at the PagedContainer.

Thanks again.


Same issue here.
If I use the LazyQueryContainer and the Grid with over 2 millions of records Firefox and IE don’t display the scrollbar.
Chrome displays the scrollbar but it cannot scroll after a bit more than one million records.
Is there a limit regarding the size of items in Grid?