Grid 8.1 Component Renderer


I am trying to use the Grid to show some Components. Until now I have a CssLayout which is scrollable and has many other CssLayouts (these inner Layouts corresponds Rows).
Now I want to have LazyLoading because they are so many. As the layout components dont have this I want to use the Grid to display the CssLayout with LazyLoading.
I have seen that since 8.1 there is Grid.addComponentColumn and I think that this might be possible but I havent worked that much with the Grid so I am having problems implementing it.

This is what I have so far. But I cant see anything.

CssLayout myCssLayout1 = new CssLayout(new Label("Layout1"));
CssLayout myCssLayout2 = new CssLayout(new Label("Layout2"));
LinkedList<CssLayout> layoutList = new LinkedList<>();
ListDataProvider<CssLayout> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<>(layoutList);
Grid<CssLayout> cssGrid = new Grid<>();
// cssGrid.addComponentColumn ... don´t know how

Did you already check out the LazyLayouts add-on:!addon/lazylayouts ?