Google Plus Login / Social Media login

I want to implement the google plus login ( and others like twitter, facebook, etc) in my Vaadin application. I have searched extensively but i am not able to find any solid guidance. I can use a html file to achieve this but dont want to go that way.
I just want to know is it possible to have social medial login ( just like vaadin has on the login screen) functionality in a pure vaadin 7 app or i must use the old school html to achieve this.

Any pointers will help a lot

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This add-on seems to fill at least some of your request.


many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am not able to make it work. Even after compiling the widget set , it says that there is no implementation of the widget class. Also it dosent support google


invoice creator example
has a “google login” in it. To play around with it, create the required keys in google developer console and place them to
or directly as delta spike properties. The Google oauth login should then work fine. The example only just reads the email address to “authenticate” the user. I have been planning to write an article about the topic, but so far it hasn’t raised to the top of my priority list.


Many thanks Matti :slight_smile:

finally after two fresh OS installs ( due to other reasons) i was able to make it work

thanks again