Garbled "Communication Problem" overlay on timeout

In some cases our users get a gray error overlay at the top of the page with garbled content.
This seems to consist of the regular Vaadin “Communication Problem” error, combined with our login page.

The problem seems to be that when Vaadin performs one of its ajax requests, the web server responds with the content of our login page instead.
I assume this is the default web server behavior when the user is no longer authenticated?

Is there something we can do to improve upon this situation?
I assume that I don’t have any control over when the web server (wildfly) choses to respond with the content of the login page.
Is here some way I can get Vaadin to not include this whole content in the “Communication Error” overlay?

You need to include the String “Vaadin-Refresh” somewhere in your login-page. Might even be in a comment.

Not a hundred-percent sure if this still works with Vaadin 7, but I believe it does.

Don’t know if my question and self-answer will help you: ​!/thread/9306028

I added the following to my login.jsp:


[/code]Worked like a charm. Thank you Tobias :slight_smile: