For my new application I need a gantt. I looked to the gannt that is already available but I would like to create my own gantt. Currently I am reading stuff that describe how to create custom widgets. My gantt will display a production order schedule. And it should be possible to change order dates from the gantt. But how to start, the biggest issue I have currently is what component to use for displaying steps or task in the gantt. Who has some tips?



I am faced with the same problem.
What components would be suitable for this purpose?

There are at least two add-ons for this in the Directory -
this one
is for Vaadin 7.1 and later.

But how do I create my own Gantt?

What components should be used?

@Maurice The add-on draws the Gantt chart for you. So what do you mean by “what components should be used”? Click the “Sample code” icon to see an example of the programming you need to write to make the add-on draw the chart.