Form with upload

Hello, is there a example how to handle a employee form with a image and store it in database or directory?

Not exactly an employee, is a single example, the use case is a form with upload at the same time, how does the Bean handle the multipart part?

If you’re only uploading an image, the way to do that is to create a spring rest controller to handle that. But I don’t have a good answer for how to do it within a form submission with other data. I asked the team.

It’s definitely something we should have an answer for

This documentation article shows one way of doing it Image Fields in Forms | Forms | Guides | Lit | Hilla Docs

If you must accept large files and Base64 is a problem for you, it would be better to use the component to upload files properly and get a reference to them, that you’ll put in the form submission, separately. A bit of server cleanup will be necessary of course.

Thanks so much