Flickering Issues in vaadin 7.6.8

HI Team,

The my own application is working fine with vaadin 7.6.8,windows 7 and IE11.

Recently we changed our systems(PC) to windows10 with above configurations flickering issue is coming for the component selection and we are using the runo theme for the applicaiton.

for example :
when click on combo box and flickering is coming.in same way for popbutton,date fields also.

Kindly provide solution to avoid flickering issue.


Thanks for informing about this. Have you tried your code with Valo theme to verify that bug is in Runo? And in case it is (which is not unlikely) I would recommend to file issue at github.com/vaadin/framework/issues

Thank you for reply and we also checked with Valo theme and after apply valo theme entire application theme got changed and flickering is not happen and huge changes in application styling.in that case how we can apply changes for valo theme with out disturbing existing runo theme.kinldy let know how we can solve the problem.

See also answer here: https://vaadin.com/forum/thread/17292155/windows-10-compatibility-for-vaadin-7