File Upload > 10 GB

Hi guys,

I see you have some good and experimental addon in your directory. But If my use-case is such that I want to upload more than 10GB size of a file, what is your suggestion?

​What addon should I use and how to implement chunking because of course server will not let connection for that long… someone should actually write an addon using

Just my suggestion. Thanks for your help!

I know of one file upload add-on that does chunking!addon/plupload-wrapper-for-vaadin-7x. It seems to be maintained and has a good rating. Perhaps this could work for you (note the license).


Thanks for your response. I am now trying to use that addon. However I have one question, how do I specify different path than the default tomcat path when the file is being uploaded.

Currently, it just uploads to some random tomcat /temp directory.

   uploader.addFileUploadedListener(new Plupload.FileUploadedListener() {
            private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
            public void onFileUploaded(PluploadFile file) {
                File uploadedFile = (File) file.getUploadedFile();
      "This file was just uploaded: " + uploadedFile.getAbsolutePath());


The weird part is the uploaded file are parameterized … can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


How to get the real filename and not parameterized file name instead?

I haven’t actually used the add-on. You might actually have to rename and store the uploaded file using some Java code yourself after the upload is done. The weird name is probably created to prevent name collisions.

Thanks Pontus for your idea. Looks like it did the trick. Ok finally solved the issue by replacing the old filename with the new one.

The answer is here: