Failed to load widgetset

I created a maven project (groupId=pfc.vaadin, artifactId = prueba) with the vaadin-arquetype-application (version 7.5.9).
I compiled the application with the command mvn package in a console from prueba folder.
I started my server (wildFly 9.1) and added the example war from Eclipse.
I writed localhost:8080/example in my browser Chrome.

I found the next message error:

Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/pfc.vaadin.prueba.MyAppWidgetset/pfc.vaadin.prueba.MyAppWidgetset.nocache.js?1447530828322

What had i done wrong?

José A.

I read the following thread.!/thread/2541089

In the arquetype you must use a custom widgetset!!!

I tested that:
i had a MyAppWidgetset.gwt.xml file into resource file
i had the annotation @Widgetset(“pfc.vaadin.example.MyAppWidgetset”)
i had compiled my widgetset with using mvn vaadin:compile

But i didn’t work until i saw the last reply

in the POM the vaadin-client-compile must not be provided.



In the arquetype i had commented all the dependency and it doesn’t work.

Why the scope provided is a problem for a custim widgetset?

Jose A.