Enterprise Sampler

Hello everyone,

We’d like to introduce a new add-on
Enterprise Sampler

Using different Vaadin components it is very easy to build up almost any possible UI but it might be difficult to create a big agile and scalable system.

While developing big systems with Vaadin we faced a number of problems:

  1. How to minimize memory leaks in application when all application state is stored in session?
  2. How to update different parts of Vaadin interface? How to specify page navigation rules and manage navigation?
  3. How to ensure modularity and code reuse? How to encourage loose coupling approach?
  4. How to externalize application business processes and make them adjustable by non-programmers?

It may not sound as big problems for small applications but for big systems these are real problems.

That’s why we have created Lexaden Web Flow framework aiming to solve the problems above.

Enterprise sampler
contains a bunch of samples with full documentation step by step showing how to build up big systems:

  1. Spring & JPA
  2. Spring & Vaadin 6
  3. Spring & Vaadin 7
  4. Lexaden Project
  5. Basic Web Flow
  6. Lexaden CRUD
  7. Lexaden Picker
  8. Lexaden Template
  9. Advanced Web Flow
  10. Lexaden Wizard
  11. Lexaden Breadcrumb
    12 Lexaden Sampler

Enjoy exploring it! You can download examples one by one from site or the whole sampler application.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post your ideas and we will do our best to help you out and make the product better.