empty src

Dear community!

I am a total newbie with Vaadin and I am just trying to get my first “Hello, world” kind of application working but have a frustrating issue with it. When I create a new Vaadin project the src folder is completely empty and according to tutorials there should be a simple UI class which can be run in Tomcat. However there is no error message and I can’t find any similar issue by Google. Is this just something completely trivial which I am the only one stupid enough not to get right?

I am running Ubuntu Linux, Java 1.7, Eclipse Juno with Vaadin plug in.


It’s hard to say what your problem could be. In the last step of the Vaadin project wizard, it is possible to disable the creation of the application template. I hope you haven’t disabled it.


I also had the same issue at start.Now i have resolved it
Please refer to this post

Thank you for replying! I installed the 2.2.0 beta1 version of IvyDE like suggested in the post linked by Vignesh Mathi and now the wizard works correctly. Now I also noticed that a lot more was missing than just the package in src since now it took a lot more time for the wizard to finnish…

Weird problem what ever it was but now I can finally proceed!

As mentioned elsewhere, the previous versions of the Vaadin plug-in required IvyDE 2.2.0.beta1 whereas the latest version from last week required IvyDE 2.2.0.final .