Dynamic Intenationalization and push-server features dropped

I’ve just read the Vaadin 7 book and I’ve found there is no dynamic i18n support or server-push support included in V7.

Both features were in the Vaadin 7 roadmap. A lot of changes for nothing. Developers will have to redo a lot of work for nothing.

Dynamic internationalization is not an easy task, that is always in the core of every serious framework. It’s not a task to delegate to an addon. And the same can be said about server-push.

I strongly disagree with Vaadin people. This remembers me Ice-faces a lot. Pity!

Great thumb down for Vaadin!

Hi Aniceto,

I’m sorry that the features which were important for you were dropped. We had a lot of features planned for 7.0 and noted that we cannot finish them all in the fixed time frame so we decided to postpone (“drop”) a few. Dropping them from 7.0 however does not mean they are dropped forever. We will try to fit as many of the features as possible into 7.1 - we just did not want to delay 7.0 to get everything in there. Especially as we feel we can implement them the dropped features without badly breaking backwards compatibility.

Maybe those features are postponed, but dynamic internationalization is not something to add later and server-push means an important rework of comm layer.

But I’m almost sure they have been dropped.

I’ll rethink about Prime Faces.


If you are looking to use multiple language files with Vaadin UI components then it is dead simple to do as the logic happens on server-side, one small class does the trick nicely even for the most enterprisey application out there. I’d say than perhaps 1/3 of Vaadin apps have such feature in use since the beginning of the framework.

As for the server-push, just take one of the add-ons, there’s plenty of choices :slight_smile:


For server-push you can use for example addons:

- last version supports Vaadin 7 alpha 3 or

- last version 0.5.1 supports Vaadin 7.0.0.beta1